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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pistol Packin' Mama

Bruja confession: I've been into corsets since I was 14 years old. Now as a 25 year old that fixation has not wavered one bit. I always loved the style and how it works as a stand alone piece, needing minimal accessorizing. Ironically it is also a very versatile piece that can be fit into all styles if styled correctly.

This beautiful floral corset from DevilPlus is perfect for my wardrobe. It has small military inspired details (chains) which work well with the feminine floral pattern (flowers are a second fixation of mine). This corset is fairly cheap in terms of pricing but the physical tailoring of it is fantastic for its price. I had a little trouble lacing the back up so I asked my mother for help. It also fits true to size allowing for flexibility if you adjust the laces in the back properly. I have a very very small boyish frame and this corset held up perfectly.

Check their selection out, you'll find some great beauties in this lingerie online shop. Links below:

Floral Military Corset - DevilPlus
Boyfriend Jeans - Delias
Military Coat - Ebay
Boho coin wrap - Marketplace in San Antonio, Texas


  1. A cool character piece or character profile study that serves for a possible inspiration for my work. Keep it !

    1. That's so awesome! If you do illustrate it I would love to see - thanks Anthony! :)


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